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Online Seminar
Online seminar for members for 2.0 pre-approved non-substantial credits for The Privacy Action Plan and The Private & Secure Online Shopping. Information about these CLEs can be viewed at: further details email

This May Day in Florida
-May 2, 1936: Panama City Beach incorporated into Bay County.
-May 5, 1961: First American Astronaut, Alan Sheppard, launched into space from Cape Canaveral Space Center located in Titusville, Florida. Cape Kennedy was renamed in 1963 by President Lyndon Johnson and changed back to Cape Canaveral in 1973. See link below for more, Florida Memory - State Library and Archives of Florida
-May 26, 1845: Florida holds its first statewide elections.

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Volunteer Efforts

Thank You to our Big Bend Chapter members, friends, and sponsors! Your continued support and generosity allowed us to collect donations quarterly and at our Spring Seminar held on March 22, 2024.

This month, your donations were delivered to a well-deserved to the Big Bend organization STACPRO, a Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center (STAC) located in Tallahassee. Special Thank You to Asha Maharaj-Lucas for representing the Paralegal Association of Florida, Big Bend Chapter and ensuring our donations were delivered to STAC.


The following Committees are vacant and need you. Please reach out if you are interested or want to know more information. Email Carlie Duquette at:
Audit Committee (2-3 people): The Audit Committee shall submit a report of a completed audit of the Chapter’s financial transactions for the previous fiscal year no later than May 30 of the following year, and submit the Report to the President of the Chapter who will present it to the Board and to PAF.
Membership (2-3 people) The Membership Committee shall be responsible for encouraging membership in the Chapter.
Education (3-4 people) 1. Continuing Legal Education: The Education Committee shall be responsible for encouraging the continuing legal education of Chapter members and for working with the Seminar/Speaker Committee to provide opportunities for continuing legal education through monthly speakers and seminars.
Paralegal Programs: The Education Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a relationship with Tallahassee Community College (TCC), Keiser University, and any other local paralegal programs, and for assisting in whatever way possible to further the paralegal profession.
Scholarship Program: The Education Committee shall be responsible for administering the Chapter Scholarship Program for eligible paralegal applicants. The Chapter Scholarship Program shall include, but not be limited to, (a) Student Scholarships and (b) Career Development Scholarships. The duties will include receiving applications; conducting interviews with the applicants, their instructors and/or employers; as deemed appropriate or necessary by the Education Committee Chair; and recommending to the Executive Board those persons who should be awarded Chapter Scholarships.
Public Relations/Publicity Committee (Chairperson +1) The Public Relations/Publicity Committee shall be responsible for promoting the Chapter and its activities to the public. This shall include the preparation and publication of news releases to legal journals, newspapers, local bar newsletters, PAF publications, and other local media such as radio and television.
Seminar/Speaker Committee (2-3 people) The Seminar/Speaker Committee shall be responsible for organizing and hosting one seminar per year including any quarterly seminars which are requested by PAF The Committee is also responsible for assisting the President and Vice President in soliciting speakers for monthly meetings. The Committee is charged with setting and collecting fees for seminars and for preparing and presenting a report to the Executive Board and membership by the next Executive Board meeting or general membership meeting held after the conclusion of any seminar, whichever first occurs.
Elections Committee (2-3 people) At least one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the annual meeting, the President shall appoint the Committee on Elections. At least ninety (90) days prior to the annual meeting, the Committee shall issue a call for declarations of candidacy. The duties of the Committee shall also include receiving declarations, verifying the qualifications of candidates for office, preparation of the ballot for elections, presiding over nominations from the floor at the elections, and presiding over the elections at the annual meeting. The Committee shall also act as tellers for the election, tallying the votes and announcing the winners.

Motion for Summary Judgment - SC2024-0662: Florida Supreme Court opinion issued May 23, 2024, effective January 1, 2025: Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.510 Summary Judgment rule amended as to section (c)(5), Timing for Supporting Factual Positions to tie deadline to respond to motion for summary judgment to date of service of motion versus the hearing date. Responses are now due no later than 60 days after service of motion (currently 20 days before time fixed for hearing). The Court also adopted Rule 1.202, Conferral Prior to Filing Motions, requiring parties to confer before filing non-dispositive motion and state same via Certificate of Conferral.

Case Management Procedure - SC2023-0962: Florida Supreme Court opinion issued May 23, 2024, effective January 1, 2025, amends the following Florida Rules of Civil Procedure (follow the hyperlink to read the full opinion and review the appendix reflecting all the new language, strikes, deletions, etc. to these rules. The below information is an abridged summary):
o Rule 1.200 Case Management; Pretrial Procedure: 1) requires that within 120 days, cases must be assigned to one of the three management tracks ~ complex, general, or streamlined. 2) for any general or streamlined cases, the court must issue a case management order that “specifies the projected or actual trial period based on the case track assignment, consistent with administrative orders entered by the chief judge of the circuit” and must include at least eight specified deadlines. 3) the court can set case management conferences at any time or on proper notice by a party. If a CMC is noticed by a party, the notice must identify the specific issues to be addressed at the CMC and must provide a list of all pending motions.
o Rule 1.201 Complex Litigation: the court may, but is not required to, hold a hearing to determine if a case should be designated as complex. Parties are required to immediately notify the court if a CMC or hearing time becomes unnecessary. This rule expressly states that motions for trial continuances are governed by Rule 1.460.
o Rule 1.280 General Provisions Governing Discovery: requires initial discovery disclosures “within 60 days after the service of the complaint or joinder, unless a different time is set by court order.” This rule also imposes parties’ “duty to supplement discovery.”
o Rule 1.440 Setting Action for Trial: requires the court to enter order “fixing the trial period 45 days before any projected trial period in a case management order.”
o Rule 1.460 Motions to Continue Trial: states that motions to continue trial are disfavored and should rarely be granted and only upon good cause. This rule also expresses that sanctions can be imposed for any continuance granted based on the “dilatory conduct of an attorney or named party.”
Of Interest
SC2022-0524: State of Florida v. Joshua Lyle Creller: Fourth Amendment precedent permits a K-9 officer arriving midway through a lawful traffic stop to command the driver to exit the vehicle for officer safety before conducting a lawful vehicle sweep.
CS/HB 461: Excusal from Jury Service: a woman who has given birth within the last 6 months before the reporting date on a jury summons shall be excused upon request. The excusal applies only to the specific summons for which she requests an excusal.
HB 5401: New Judgeships: establishes new circuit court judge positions in the First Judicial and Twentieth Judicial Circuit and county court judgeship in Columbia, Hillsborough, Orange, and Santa Rosa County.

Case No. 23-6049, Manning v. State of Florida: US Supreme Court rejects constitutional challenges to Florida’s six-member juries for felony cases (versus 12-member juries). Follow the hyperlink to the Brief in Opposition, written by the Office of the Attorney General.

Lighter Side
According to a 2023 study done by 24/7 Wall Street, Florida has the 3rd largest population of overall military personnel of the 50 states with its Air Force personnel being the 2nd largest, Navy & Marine Corps personnel the 4th largest, and its Army the 13th largest. It is no surprise that Florida was ranked #4 in the Department of Defense’s 2022 Fiscal Year report of the top 10 states in which the US military spends the most money. Whatever the cost, we honor and remember our men and women who paid the ultimate price so we can have our freedom to be who we are, Americans. Take the time read or visit one of Florida’s Veterans’ Memorials, located in the capital city, Tallahassee or other Military Monuments and Memorials in Florida and test your knowledge…Do you know Florida’s history like you think you know Florida? (answers below):
1. This Fort, made from coral stone called coquina, is known as the oldest masonry fort in the United States.

2. This museum is known as “the world’s largest Naval Aviation” showcase spreading over 37 acres with 350,000 square feet of exhibits and is a great place to spot the famed Blue Angels flight team at practice.
3. In 2019, FAMU Village located on the west side of Florida A&M University’s campus was renamed to commemorate this Pensacola-born former student, service member, and Tuskegee Airmen lost in WWII.
4. What Revolutionary War battles were fought in Florida? 5. This park has the only permanent half-scale replica of Washington’s National Vietnam Memorial known as the “Wall South.”

Answers - Do You Know Florida?
Located in St. Augustine, Florida, Castillo de San Marcos (“St. Mark’s Castle”) was built by the Spanish between 1672 and 1695 to defend their New World territory. The walls of the fort were virtually shatter-proof and were tested in 1702 by Governor James Moore, Sr. of Charleston and again in 1740 by General James Edward Oglethorpe.

Efforts to breach the fort failed miserably as cannons simply bounced off the walls or sunk. This fort has been under the government of Spain (1695-1763), Great Britain (1763-1783), Spain (17843-1821 following the Revolutionary War), and the United States (1821-present, with 1861-1865 under the Confederate States of America). To learn more, visit National Park Service or St. Augustine.

The National Naval Aviation Museum (formerly, National Museum of Naval Aviation and Naval Aviation Museum) in Pensacola, Florida was founded in 1962 and is home to more than 150 restored aircrafts, including the Curtiss NC-4, the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic. Visit the museum this summer to enjoy flight simulators, catch a show on one of the world’s largest IMAX screens, and watch the Blue Angels flight practice.

The Battle of Thomas Creek (May 17, 1777 aka Thomas Creek Massacre) took place in what is now known as Callahan, Florida in Nassau County; Battle of Alligator Bridge (June 30, 1778 aka Skirmish at Alligator Creek) took place near Callahan, Florida; and The Battle of Pensacola (March 9- May 10, 1781) which took place in what is now known as Escambia County.

Veteran’s Memorial Park in Pensacola, Florida was installed on October 24, 1992, is referred to as “Pensacola’s Jewel on the Bay,” and holds several monuments honoring US armed forces killed in action or missing in action including a three dimensional mural of fallen soldiers, a Submarine Lifeguard League Memorial, a Purple Heart Memorial, a Korean War Memorial, and most recently a Revolutionary War Memorial.

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